Ode to Friendship

So, this is maybe a bit of a different post than what I would expect to publish, but I was going through a notebook I found in my room the other day when I noticed a stack of papers.  The stack consisted of miscellaneous scribblings on this and that, but among the stack was a poem that I had written.  I’m sure at certain points in time I have (and still do) fancy myself a poet, but it had been a LONG time.  Still, I thought this one was not so bad…at least not so bad for someone who majored in accounting in college!  I edited it a bit, but it’s pretty close to the original.  Maybe I’ll try to dig up (or write) some more of these.  I hope you enjoy.

“Ode to Friendship”

This could be a valiant epic
Enshrined in time,
Of our heroic adventures
And conquests fine.

This could be a discourse
on all that is relevant,
As we transcend boundaries
To chart the magnificent.

It could be a romance, Dear Friend,
An attending love for another’s soul.
Where the whirling of time and space
Serves only to strengthen our hold.

This could be a comedy
That redefines the standard,
And puts laughter and joy
On a level much grander.

Copyright © 2012 Jonathan Ruth